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Reduce, reuse, recycle- it’s a message we hear around this time of year with Earth Day coming up this Friday.

We’ve got some eco-friendly tech tips that can help protect our planet, starting with your own home.

“One of the first ways that you could do that would be washing your clothes in cold water,” Doug Draper, a supervisor at Big Flats Best Buy said. “90 percent of your operating costs from actually heating water up when washing your clothes.”

Don’t worry, they’ll still come out just as clean.

Another great way to save energy is to switch your light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

“They use about 85 percent less energy, that reason being they aren’t producing the heat at the incandescent bulbs used to do,” Draper said.

Connected thermostats are also huge energy savers. The Nest thermostats allow you to control your home heating and cooling from anywhere.

“What they do is they learn your pattern, so that way you’re not wasting energy when you’re not there but you can also check it remotely on your phone,” Draper said.

For all those old electronics just sitting around that can’t go to the landfill…

“We do have eco-friendly recycling you can bring your product into us and we’ll get it recycled for you,” Draper said.

193 countries around the world will celebrate Earth Day on Friday, April 22.

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