Elmira Correctional Facility inmate attacks: Seven officers injured in two attacks

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 ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Seven correctional officers were injured and five required medical treatment at a local hospital after two inmates violently attacked them in separate assaults last week at the Elmira Correctional Facility, according to the NYSCOPBA.    

On Friday, June 4, an inmate in one of the Special Housing Units showers, was ordered to exit the shower by staff and allegedly refused multiple orders. Officers entered the shower and the inmate took a fighting stance against them before attempting to punch one of the officers.  Two officers grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground where the inmate bit one officer in the right wrist and hand.  The inmate then bit the second officer in the left arm. 

Two additional staff arrived and assisted in getting the inmate under control and into handcuffs. The inmate was removed from the shower and placed in a Special Housing Unit hearing room. 

Two officers were treated by facility medical staff for left knee and hip pain, and pain and swelling to their right forearm, elbow and neck. Both officers remaind on duty following treatment.

The two officers who were bit were transported to Arnot Ogden Medical Center for treatment and were released.

The inmate, 23, is serving a 14 to 16 year sentence after being convicted in Suffolk County on Kidnapping 2nd, Rape 1st, Criminal Sexual Act 1st, and Sex Abuse 1st  charges in 2016.   He was arrested after he and two fellow gang members robbed a young teenage couple, then proceeded to beat the male and rape the female.    

A second attack occurred on Sunday, June, 6 when an inmate attacked an officer outside of the mess hall, leading to the officer sustaining a ruptured ear drum.

During the afternoon meal,  the inmate was given orders by staff and refused.  The inmate walked out of the mess hall and two officers followed him. Once in the corridor, the inmate took an aggressive stance against two officers and OC Spray was administered, but it h had no effect.  One officer grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the wall and the inmate “spun off the wall and began striking the officer in the head and body multiple times.”

Staff grabbed the inmate in a body hold and forced him to the ground and placed him in handcuffs. 

The inmate, 24, was placed in a Special Housing Unit pending disciplinary charges. He is serving an eight year sentence after being convicted in Orange County on Criminal Possession of a Weapon 2nd and Attempted Robbery 2nd charges in 2018.

Three officers were transported to Arnot Ogden Medical Center for treatment.  One officer sustained pain and swelling to his right wrist.  The second officer had pain and swelling to his face and ribs.  He also had ringing in his right ear and could not hear out of it and was diagnosed with a ruptured eardrum.  The third officer was treated for pain and swelling to his right knee and wrist. 

“Just last week we reported on eight officers that were injured as a result of inmate attacks at Elmira Prison.  Today, once again, we report two assaults that left seven officers injured, one with a serious ear injury.  The one attack was committed by a gang member who was convicted of brutally beating a young teenage couple and gang raping the girl when he was 17 years old.   State Legislators need to open their eyes to the type of violent inmate that is left in the prison population.  They have no regard for anyone and will attack staff without the slightest provocation.  This violence will continue until they realize all they have done with their progressive agenda is put our members at risk” – stated Mark Deburgomaster , NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President.   

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