ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Multiple inmates were injured in fights with makeshift weapons at Elmira Correctional Facility last week, according to the NYS Corrections Officer and Police Benevolent Association. The weapons included a rock-filled sock and a ceramic blade attached to a pen.

The first fight happened on August 19 when an inmate hit another in the head multiple times with a sock weighted with a rock, according to NYSCOPBA. After listening to orders to stop fighting, the injured inmate was treated at the infirmary.

The second fight happened outside when one inmate approached another and began beating him. The fight eventually grew as more inmates approached, resulting in at least 10 throwing punches at one another and one making slashing motions at another, NYSCOPBA said.

Prison staff eventually released gas into the fieldhouse to stop the fight, the press release said.

Officers found a ceramic razor blade attached to the barrel of a pen, consistent with the injuries on the back of one of the inmate’s heads.

NYSCOPBA said that one inmate serving a life sentence for Murder and Attempted Murder was central to both fights.

The Association once again point to the HALT Act as the reason for the violence, saying there were 41 assaults on Corrections staff across New York last week.

“The reality is, the statistics tell the real story – that the HALT Act has been an epic failure and will continue to be until the legislators that supported this dangerous legislation wake up and take corrective action,” said NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President Kenny Gold. “If the disciplinary system was stronger, the one inmate involved in both attacks, would have not had the ability to be involved in the second assault.     Eventually, someone is going to be killed unless something is done immediately.”