In a packed courtroom at City Hall Friday, Elmira Interim Police Chief Kristen Thorne presided over one of the largest swearing-in ceremonies in recent memory for 8 new officers. “This is a good day for the Elmira Police Department, it’s kind of historic.” said Thorne. “I’ve never known to promote 8 people at one time. That is historic. The biggest one I’ve known about is six.”

With faces swelling with pride, their loved ones pinned on their new badges for the first time. The new Elmira police officers are: Joseph Messmer, Tyler Stevens, Derek Begell, Jacob Cook, James Givens Jr., Curt Gustafson, Mason Moore, and Shyonna Pacheco.

These new officers won’t be patrolling the streets of Elmira just yet. On Monday they start training at the Southern Tier Law Enforcement Academy. After they graduate in June, they will begin 12 weeks of on-the-job field training by pairing up with more experienced officers.

“I’m very proud of these guys for passing all the preliminary things they needed before going to the academy. I think we have a good group of officers here.” said Thorne. The new hires bring the total number of Elmira Police officers to 72. Interim Chief Thorne says the department is still looking to add two more officers.

The Chemung County Sheriff’s office also swore in 9 new Deputy Sheriffs. Sheriff William Schrom pointed out why one of his new deputies had muddy boots. “We apologize for the delay, there’s an active scene we were working up in Big Flats. One of our new guys apparently took it upon himself to go up and get involved. You’ll actually notice the mud and stuff on his lower pants and boots so. It’s the unpredictability of this job.” said Schrom.

“Just the new guy thing, just excited and got in a car with someone, just went out to give a helping hand.” said deputy sheriff Nickolas Cosmore. “It’s part of the job you know, this job is unpredictable, so I didn’t even think twice. I just got in the car and went.”

The 9 new Deputy Sheriffs are: Collin Holloway, Crystal Kennison, Landon Miller, Joseph Parisi, Joshua Arnold, Calum Houper, Nickolas Cosmore, Hunter Dart, and Reece Miller.