LAWRENCEVILLE, Pa. (WETM) – The federal Environmental Protection Agency has granted Lawrenceville Borough an extension in responding to a request for information on the town’s water system.

In an email from the EPA and obtained by 18 News, the agency said that after speaking with the Borough solicitor, the EPA granted Lawrenceville an extension until January 3, 2023 to respond to the request. The information requirement was sent to Council President Gordon Chilson in early November with the original deadline of Nov. 23.

The possible consequences for missing the deadline include enforcement action or criminal penalties, according to the letter.

The letter listed 36 specific requests that range from information on sludge discharge into the Tioga River, plant operators, years of logs and chemical reports, communication with the Pa. Department of Environmental Protection, lists of known deficiencies, and explanations of how money from residents and grants is being used for the plant.

When asked for comment during a phone call, Chilson claimed he wasn’t aware of the 8-page document from the EPA. Later, when asked in person at a council meeting, Chilson deflected the questions by saying, “This is a comment period not a question period, dear”, as well as, “What you are talking about is not on the agenda.”