Family Dog Shot and Killed

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One local family is left searching for answers after coming home from running errands Saturday afternoon to find their dog shot dead.

“I came home and I couldn’t find Tito. I was looking all over for him and then I found him lying on our neighbors lawn, when I walked up to him I noticed he had a small wound on his side,” Katie Coe, the dog’s owner said.

Coe’s husband came home from work shortly after and called Pennsylvania State Police.

“State police think it’s a possible small caliber gun that they shot him with and they shot him directly in the head,” Coe said.

Coe says things like this don’t happen is small, quiet, Ulster Pennsylvania and that she is surrounded by neighbors who treat her and her dogs like family.

“We’re just all in shock as a community that somebody would even do this,” Coe said.

Tito’s death and all the unanswered questions surrounding it have placed a heavy toll on the Coe family.

“It was very hard and then we had to tell our three-year-old son which was also very hard, he was just a good boy, he wouldn’t ever harm anybody so I don’t know why anybody would do anything,” Coe said.

Coe is asking whoever shot their family’s dog to come forward.

“It would put us at ease knowing that the person was honest and turned themselves in so that we’re not worried about our other animals, our children, ourselves, for the community it would be very helpful if someone came forward,” Coe said. 

An animal cruelty case has been filed with police. If you or anyone you know has any information, please contact Pennsylvania State Police in Towanda. 

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