On Wednesday Chemung County Sheriff Chris Moss confirmed Curtis Burrows’ hanged himself late Tuesday night.

Burrows, 32, was facing first degree murder and 12 other charges in three different jurisdictions. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

It all started back in November when police said Burrows attempted to kidnap a woman in Corning. The woman told police Burrows attempted to handcuff her to the steering wheel and that he had a gun. The woman got away but Burrows stole her car and crashed it on the Steuben-Chemung County line.

That’s when Burrows allegedly broke into a Big Flats home and shot 60-year old Timothy Webster before stealing his pickup as well. He later crashed the truck in Mansfield where he was taken into custody at a local hospital.

The family of webster, a beloved postman, responded to Burrows’ suicide in a statement on Tuesday:
“Curtis Burrows took away so much from so many people. It was such a senseless act and we will be without Tim forever and there is nothing that will make that easier”.

Sheriff Moss said the Chemung County Criminal Investigation Division is currently looking into Burrows’ death.

This is the second death at the jail within a two weeks. On Tuesday, Feb. 20 inmate Leo Disbrow, swallowed an unknown amount of drugs to hide them during a housing unit search. A short time later, Disbrow was taken to a local hospital after showing overdose symptoms. He later died there.

A preliminary investigation indicates that Disbrow entered the jail the week before with the drugs hidden in his body.

The Chemung County Sheriffs Office denied requests for interviews. It’s unclear if Burrows was ever placed on suicide watch.  New York State Department of Justice officials said they’re also investigating each inmate death.