WESTFIELD, Pa (WETM) — Students, parents, and first responders were able to participate in some very helpful safety drills Thursday morning.

The drills consisted of mock emergency bus drills that were held in Westfield Pa., Tioga County. The drills were put in place by the Nothern Tioga School District in cooperation with UPMC Wellsboros, Pennsylvania State Police, and local emergency service agencies.

Student volunteers from local schools were given different roles to play at the “accident scene” for first responders to go through, and for everyone to learn from.

The drills were set up to test the school bus radio system to make sure it was working and that if an accident were to happen, the bus driver would be able to contact the district and authorities.

Drills like these are good to keep both students and authorities prepared and ready in case of a real emergency.

The school district plans to do these drills once every two years, with different locations for each drill. The next drill will be located in the East District.