ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — 2023 has started off with more violence inside the walls of Elmira Correctional Facility as five correctional officers were injured in the first two weeks of the year.

According to New York State Correctional Officers Police Benevolent Association, NYSCOPBA, three incidents took place that resulted in the injury of five corrections officers with the first incident happening on Jan. 6.

On Jan. 6, an inmate struck a correctional officer in the face while being escorted back to his cell. The inmate was detained and brought to a Special Housing Unit, while the officer received treatment and remained on duty.

The second incident occurred on Jan. 12 during the event meal run.

According to NYSCOPBA, an officer initiated a random pat and frisk for contraband on an inmate in the laundry corridor, the inmate initially complied, but then struck the officer multiple times in the face and head.

The inmate was brought to the ground with the assistance of a secondary officer and detained.

The officer who was initially struck sustained abrasions to his cheek and forehead, while the second sustained abrasions to his forehead as well.

Both officers were treated on-site and remained on duty.

The third incident occurred on Jan. 13, when officers were conducting random cell searches for contraband.

An inmate was ordered to exit his cell so a search could be conducted. When the cell door was opened, the inmate struck the officer several times in the head.

Three officers grabbed the inmate and forced him to the ground, but he remained combative. He was eventually contained and brought to his feet in handcuffs and taken out of the cell block.

The officer who was struck in the head sustained multiple abrasions to his forehead, and a second officer sustained pain and swelling. Both were treated at the facility and remained on duty.

“The inmate violence that exists at Elmira is some of the worst we have in our correctional facilities in the state,” said NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President, Kenny Gold. “Officers are attacked on a daily basis and the inmate-on-inmate assaults are equally as bad,” Gold said.