SPENCER, N.Y. (WETM) — The term “double-vision” can be used to describe part of the Spencer Van-Etten Central High School’s class of 2020. This year, the high school is honoring five sets of twins.

On June 7, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced schools can hold graduation ceremonies outdoors with a maximum of 150 people starting June 26.

“We didn’t get to enjoy the end of this year with this class,” said Melissa Jewell, Principal of Spencer Van-Etten Central High School. “We’re hoping to be able to figure out, maybe multiple ceremonies, on our football field and of course we would take into account social distancing, and the safety of all of the people that participate and attend our graduation.”

Spencer Van-Etten Central High School has 65 seniors with 10 being a twin.

For many of the twins, they see their sibling as a best friend.

“Half the time I don’t see her as my twin,” said twin sister Phoebe Delmage-Brodie. “I see her as my sister and my best friend.”

Phoebe’s sister, Alexis, told 18 News that your twin can be your best friend.

“I think it’s cool,” said twin sister Brianna Noviello. “But it’s tiring in the sense that you have someone that looks like you. Somebody will think I’m her and vice-versa but you always have a best friend there,” said Jaylene Noviello.

For the Mills, it’s a brother and sister bond that can lead to disagreements but through tough love.

“When I get picked on, she helps me out,” said twin brother Nathaniel Mills. “When she gets picked on, I try to help her out.”

Mackenzie Mills said in both elementary and middle school whenever someone looked at her brother wrong, she would stand up for him.

Another set of boy-girl twins are Jonathon and Julia Armstrong. When asked how it feels to be an opposite gender set of twins, there was no hesitation as to who’s in charge.

“I’m the boss,” Julia said. “He think’s he’s the boss but I am.”

“Yeah, she is,” Jonathon said. “We all have our struggles sometimes.”

Many of the twins are in disbelief that their senior year is over and that they’ll be starting a new chapter in their lives. For the Hastings twins, graduating means having to say their goodbyes. Keili is going to college while Laurin is joining the United States Air Force.

“It’s kinda crazy because she’s moving across the country,” said Keili Hastings.

“We do everything together now but it’s going to be weird to not have her to go do things with,” said Laurin Hastings.

Through all the difficult times, the twins will always be there for each other and are excited to graduate.

“Our class has definitely been through it,” said Jaylene. “I’m happy and looking forward to come together and celebrating the ups rather than downs.”