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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – This Saturday the Buffalo Bills will face off against the Baltimore Ravens at 8:15 on WETM. This will be another challenge for the Bills on their way to try to win the Super Bowl.

With the increased excitement of the Bills doing well adding to the usual football fever-pitch the country takes on in January and February, a lot of parties will be planned and with that, a lot of food. However, things are different this year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing some to shrink their party sizes. David Marks, owner of Jubilee Foods in Horseheads said that is the case, at least with what he is seeing.

“We’re really seeing is you’re not seeing the large quantities that you used to but you’re seeing a lot more of the smaller quantities some of the better cuts of meats, treating themselves.” Said Marks. He went on to say that he believes people are experimenting a little more since the quantities are smaller. “More people trying some different things because they have the opportunity to make it in a smaller quantity than what they would have in the past.”

David also mentioned that times have been tough on a lot of people, and he believes that football is going to provide a good distraction for people. Something that people can look forward to and enjoy during a time in history where things like that are few and far between.

18 News also reached out to Pudgies Pizza and Subs owner and operator Joe Cleary to see what they are seeing when it comes to orders and sizes leading up to the big games.

The Pudgies Southside location is expecting big business on on game days, especially on the Super Bowl. 18 News spoke with the owner, Rob Cleary, to see what they do to prepare for the big day.

“All hands on deck. So it’s a very, very busy day. We’re expecting to be probably the busiest Super Bowl with the pandemic going on.’ Said Rob. He also said that since people cannot have a large gathering, he believes people will be ordering smaller amounts for their families.

Even with some hit-ticket items being a little hard to come by, Southside Pudgies will be ready for game day. “This year has been a whole other challenge with that pandemic. Chicken wings are a little scarce right now, but we already had our order in and we are guaranteed our product.”

Super Bowl 55 is on Sunday, February 7th.

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