ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Former heavyweight boxer and now motivational speaker, Cam F. Awesome, is sharing his story on how boxing changed his life in overcoming anxiety and being bullied.

A former captain of the USA national boxing team, Awesome spoke to students at Thomas A. Edison High School on Monday afternoon. He used his keynote speech today to focus on developing a positive mindset, being resilient, and being a better person.

“One of the major messages I want to get across to students today is if you can fail without being discouraged, success becomes inevitable. Championship mindset has nothing to do with sports,” said Awesome. “The concept is that you’re a winner in whatever you are considering doing. So, whether you’re going into to be a plumber, whether you’re going to be a construction worker, whether you want to be an educator, whether you want to be a dentist, you’re going to run into roadblocks in life. You’re going to run into speed bumps in life.”

According to Awesome, the bumps he dealt with in school were being bullied and how it brought on anxiety that made him afraid to be around people. Now, he travels to middle schools and high schools giving speeches about his journey as both an athlete and as a child growing up to connect with young people.

“Being able to step outside my comfort zone. to be able to speak in front of students now is I think a great accomplishment that students can see and realize that they can achieve as well,” said Awesome.

Thomas Edison High School seniors, Ben Rhode and Bobby Cavalier say they felt a connection to Awesome because of the obstacles he overcame.

“Failing is a big thing for him. He believes you need to fail to be successful in life and he’s failed hundreds of times and he’s a very successful person right now,” said Rhode.

Cavalier added that “The attitude of gratitude and knowing your why is definitely important. I could use that in my daily life for sure. Never give up. Just keep pushing for sure. Things are going to come you know best things come from your worst moments so just keep on pushing.”

To learn more about Awesome’s journey, you can visit his website.