ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Two inmate attacks at Elmira Correctional earlier this month sent four corrections officers to the hospital, according to NYSCOPBA.

The NYS Corrections Officer and Police Benevolent Association said that the first attack happened on September 15 when an inmate attacked officers after they removed restraints from the inmate’s classroom chair. The inmate hit an officer in the chest and another officer had to help get the inmate under control while the fight continued on the floor.

The news release said the inmate then bit an officer in the forearm while being escorted to the infirmary, and “force was needed to get the inmate to release the bite.” NYSCOPBA also said that officers found a sharpened toothbrush in the inmate’s pants.

Three officers went to Arnot Ogden Medical Center to be treated, while two others were treated at the prison.

The second attack was on Sept. 22 when an inmate refused to walk back to his cell. He tried to run from an officer as he approached and eventually hit the officer in the face while they struggled.

The officer was later taken to Arnot Ogden, as well.

NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President Kenny Gold again pointed to the HALT Act as the reason behind the violence.

“…it is clearly evident that the HALT Act has failed miserably as attacks on staff have skyrocketed since April 1st,” Gold said. “These attacks are not only occurring in state prisons, but county jails as well… Before an officer gets killed in one of these attacks, the state legislature has to repeal or amend the HALT Act, or they will have blood on their hands when it occurs.”