Franklin Township residents left to pick up pieces after tornado

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A string of tornados ripped across the Northeast Wednesday leaving widespread damage, including in Bradford County. 

A tornado warning was issued around 8:15 PM last night and ended around 9pm for Central Bradford county. 

This afternoon 18 News reporter Samantha Lantz got reaction from local residents about the mess they’re left to clean up.

“It destroyed things so fast, five minutes and it was over,” resident Angela Ayres said.

It was a heartbreaking scene in Franklin Township after a tornado ripped through the area Wednesday evening, leveling homes and businesses into piles of debris – leaving residents to pick up the pieces.

“It’s just upsetting to watch even like our treehouse and stuff it’s all gone we had that when we were little and now it’s just gone,” resident Zoey Morse said as she helped clean up the damage at her grandparent’s home. 

First responders spent Wednesday night searching through the rubble, and rescuing people trapped in their homes. 

“I’m just happy to be alive today, I’m happy it’s over, and I’m just gonna take it more serious next time, I’m lucky my house was hardly touched,” Ayres said. 

Angela’s neighbors were not so lucky. 

“Those poor people. I feel so bad for them, she was upstairs putting her baby to bed when the roof blew off. Up here on this hill, there’s a trailer and it was just flattened across the field,” Ayres said. 

Although devastated by the damage left behind, folks are just happy to have their families with them today, working with neighbors to help rebuild their community. 

“It’s heartwarming, it really is…to see everybody so caring and kind, last night it happened so fast like I said in five minutes it was done and this whole area was just full of people just wanting to help,” Ayres said. 

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