ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Typically around warmer weather gas prices will jump up. As we approach the summer and more people start to travel the prices will rise significantly.

According to AAA, OPEC just announced they are cutting production by a million barrels of oil a day. And with oil being the main ingredient in gas, when oil prices go up, gas prices also go up.

The AAA suggests you can save on gas by unloading weight from your car, driving on cruise control, and buying gas in big box retailers or grocery stores where discounts are available to you.

“Summer blend fuel is more expensive to produce, and demand is higher because more people travel and take road trips in the summer,” said Elizabeth Carey the Director of Public Relations at AAA.

Carey added, “Oil prices are over $80 A barrel right now so if they still stay elevated. Local pump prices will probably follow. If demand tapers off now that spring vacations are wrapping up there might be a lull and we’ll see a break in prices.”

She goes on to say, “Typically in a typical year. We see the highest prices around Memorial Day when people are really kicking off those camping trips and those road trips. Prices go up and then they usually stabilize and drop off a little bit later in the summertime.”