ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – 2022 is almost over, and Google has released the stats on the most searched things in the world. While huge events—like the World Cup or Queen Elizabeth’s death—topped the lists worldwide, Google also revealed what people in Elmira and the surrounding areas searched for the most.

According to Google, the Elmira area had several unique searches that didn’t top the lists of any other metropolitan area in the country. These included the most searched animal, food, and “near me” searches.

When it comes to food, the Elmira area searched for “sauerkraut” more than any other, also becoming the only city in the U.S. to have the pickled dish at the top of its list. Elmira was also one of only two areas in the country that googled “apple orchard” as the top “near me” search. Springfield, Illinois was the one other.

Elmira was also the only city in the country that had “sticker shop” as one of its top 10 “near me” searches, according to Google, ranking as the third most popular.

The top 10 “near me” searches in the Elmira area are below:

  1. Bartending jobs near me
  2. Gun shows near me
  3. Sticker shop near me
  4. Plant nursery near me
  5. Pierogies near me
  6. Easter brunch near me
  7. Marriage counseling near me
  8. Cheap gas near me
  9. Apple orchard near me
  10. Washing machine repair near me

The top trending animal search in the Elmira area throughout 2022 was “Jack Russell Terrier”, Google’s data showed, as the people of the Twin Tiers seemingly looked for their next animal companion. Elmira was the only area in the country that was searching for that specific animal the most.

And looking for their favorite tunes, the rural Twin Tiers searched for “country music” more than any other genre.

Google’s data showed that “Wordle” and “Ukraine” were two of the most-searched things across the globe in 2022. Several searches reached an all-time high in 2022 compared to any other year in the past. The most sudden of these was “quiet quitting”, which has seen a near vertical spike since 2021.