CORTLAND, NY (WETM) – Sunny and 45 degrees…This past Saturday turned into a bluebird day for Greek Peak Mountain’s final day of the season. About one hundred skiers and snowboarders came out to get in their final runs.

One skier, Walter Bogumil, was outfitted in a Hawaiian shirt, multi-colored flower lei, and a hat with neon pink hair blazing out of the top. Acknowledging the warmer weather and last day, he said this outfit was his spring skiing outfit.

“My favorite!” he said.

Bogumil said he’s always sad at the end of the season. He’s been a regular at Greek Peak for decades, and skiers on the mountain have come to know him by his signature gear.

“I’ve had a pass here for probably 20-30 years now…This is where I hang out all winter,” he said. He showed off one of his ski poles that has a clown horn attached to it, he added, “Everybody knows the troll hair,” saying he wears many other bright-colored hair hats, that can be spotted on the mountain from a mile away.

Like Bogulmil, many others that showed up have been regulars for decades. 71-year-old snowboarder Larry Cabot said he’s been a Greek Peak season pass holder for 40 years.

“Whenever people come to town, I always bring them here [Greek Peak], no matter what the season is… and they’re amazed… It’s just really nice to have it here in Cortland County,” said Cabot.

As always, the success of a ski season ultimately lies in the hands of mother nature. Most of the skiers and snowboarders agreed that the rainy weather at the beginning of the season was a rocky start, but in the end, all of them reported having a great season, and the numbers show it too.

“All in all, we were able to hit 109 days, which just fell three [days] short from the last season, so we were on par with what we were looking for with our season day openings,” said Shawn Sloan, Greek Peak Mountain Operations Manager.

Although ski season is over, the activities do not come to an end. Greek Peak is open year-round, offering many activities at their indoor waterpark and adventure center.

“There’s always something to do,” said Wesley Kryger, President of Greek Peak Holdings.

They also offer mountain biking at the end of May/beginning of June, “Lots of customers that ski in the wintertime come back in the summer for the mountain biking,” said Kryger. “If you’re not a mountain biker we also offer a sky ride where you can ride a chair lift to the top of the mountain and ride it back down.”

With 2022/2023 season passes already on sale, skiers and snowboarders are already itching to get back on the slopes.

“We are looking forward to next season, we’re already season pass holders,” said Patricia Ranney, who was skiing one final time for this season with her two sons.

More information on activities and events at Greek Peak Mountain Resort can be found on their website: