SAYRE, Pa. (WETM) – The Guthrie Breast Care Fund received over $44,500 from Williams Auto Group and Dandy Mini Mart from their October Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns.

During the month of October, Williams Auto Group donated $50 for every vehicle sold and $1 for every vehicle serviced. Dandy donated a portion of sales from the annual Dandy Pink Cup campaign.

Both companies set individual goals of raising over $20,000 and both raised more than $22,000 each during the annual campaign.

“We feel that it’s our job and our duty being in our community to give back,” said Dalton Williams, Vice President of Williams Auto Group. “We know Guthrie will be a great steward of these funds helping patients that need it at the time they need it the most.”

Dandy has donated proceeds from their Pink Cup campaign for the last 11 years totaling over $110,000.

“It’s important because our employees get behind this at the store level, said Duane Phillips, General Manager of Dandy Mini Marts. “We love causes that our employees can relate to because it helps them relate to the community, and certainly breast cancer has touched every family who supports us, so we’re always looking to support and give back to them.”

The Guthrie Breast Care Fund can assist uninsured and underinsured patients with the cost of screening and diagnostic breast care services. For patients who are currently battling breast cancer, Guthrie’s Breast Care Fund can help support the costs not covered by insurance.

Dr. Edmund Sabanegh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Guthrie, stressed the importance of local partnerships like these in helping patients during and after their breast cancer diagnosis.

“Breast cancer is a horrible illness and the ability to impact it with our partners and transform it and to cure cancer is really what we’re after,” said Dr. Sabanegh. “This sort of support allows patients to be accessing our system to get the treatment they need and really transform their lives.”

In 2020 the Guthrie Breast Care Fund helped support 31 local women with more than $12,000 in financial support for services and supplies not covered by insurance like advanced diagnostic screening, home care equipment, and lymphedema compression garments.

Visit the Guthrie Breast Care Fund website to learn more or to donate.