Guthrie Health adding first aid for gunshots; part of “stop the bleed program”

Local News

Guthrie Health will train people on first aid for gun shots as part of their “stop the bleed” program.

They want to make this kind of important trauma training available to the community. One organizer said that while these tragic shooting events aren’t predictable there is something that people can do.

“One of the best ways to prepare for this is to share your concerns,” said VP of Support Services at Robert Packer Hospital Michael Hogan.  “If you have concerns you run across concerning behavior. What I would say is worst case scenario you’re just wrong. They had no violent intent. But the fact that you investigate that, you share that information. I think that’s a really important piece of awareness prevention in these types of incidents.”

Hogan also said the hospital has at least one trauma surgeon at the hospital 24 hours a day. 

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