Harvesting Season: How the rain and flooding has impacted crops

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Elmira, N.Y. (WETM) – First it was the heat and now it is the rain. A heatwave a couple of weeks ago caused concerns for crops but now torrential rain has become the concern. Last week, heavy rain fell almost every day, resulting in flash flood watches and warnings being issued. What does this mean for our crops?

Denny Janowski from Janowski Gardens says it has been a good growing season so far. Last year, it was dry and they had to pump water into their fields from their wells. This year, mother nature has provided the rain. In some cases, too much rain as the cornfields have become flooded. Aside from the flooding in the fields, the rain has mostly had positive impacts by keeping the soil moist to help crops grow. There is something else growing though, weeds. Janowski says “The only negative impact has been a proliferation of weeds, and when you get lots of tall weeds, then you got a problem with sunlight getting to the crops that you are trying to protect.”

Janowski Gardens sells all sorts of crops. This ranges from spices to beans to pickles. They have a plethora of options and they are all grown right here in Elmira.

More rain is in the forecast, so there are concerns about more flooding. Janowski’s ideal forecast would be hot dry days to help the crops grow and not have to deal with flooding in the fields.

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