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Elmira, N.Y. (WETM) – Temperatures have been climbing into the 90s the past couple of days with multiple heat advisories being issued this week. The humidity has not been much help either. It is important for people to stay hydrated, limit time outdoors, and have a cool place to go. All of these things just listed off also apply to dogs.

For dogs, it is important to avoid hot surfaces like pavement, have lots of water, go on walks early in the day or in the evening when things cool down, and make sure to not leave them out in the heat. Jaime Wolf from the Chemung County SPCA, unfortunately, hears too many calls about dogs being left in cars or chained up outside.

“Actually, we do and we have to refer them over to animal control.”

Animal control then goes to do a welfare check on the dog and the process goes from there. The reason why it is important to keep your dogs cool is because they can get heatstroke too. In these situations, it is important to cool them off by using a cool damp washcloth. A washcloth that is too cold could put the dog in shock. After cooling the dog off with a washcloth, call your vet for further instructions.

Due to the heat, the SPCA is making sure they keep their dogs cool!

“Dogs, right now, we try to keep them in as much as possible. It really is hard. We are giving them frozen kongs as treats, that helps. Short walks, shading, and during the mornings we will take them out and we have kiddie pools so they can play in the water. We have fresh cold water for them to play in.”

As we continue to head through the summer, make sure to keep your dogs cool, shaded, safe, and keep yourselves cool as well.

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