ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Temperatures have been rising around the local Elmira area and local workers are feeling the heat. Geoff Rolls, landscaper at Poppleton Gardens, is prepared for the hot temperatures.

“I think the heat is a little more intermittent than it was last year,” said Rolls. But it still has quite an effect on us getting out here and we prefer the shaded areas but a lot of times we’re working in the big wide-open areas trying to get through the day and stay as cool as we can, so we don’t overheat”

Chase Rickard, owner of CPR Landscaping says that he makes sure that all his workers hydrate to get them through the day.

“I like to make guys have plenty different Gatorades, waters. We got to work in it unfortunately, so we just got to do what it takes to make sure we stay safe at the same time.”