Six Elmira police officers were promoted today at a packed ceremony inside City Hall. Two Lieutenants were promoted to Captain, and four Sergeants were promoted to Lieutenant.

For officer Erica Lapierre, it was a barrier breaking promotion. She became the first woman elevated to the rank of Lieutenant in the department’s 159 year history. “I’m very honored and grateful to be given this opportunity, and it’s something I’ve worked very hard for.” said Lapierre. “I started my career in 2007, always gave 110%, went out there and did really good work, and I’m proud of my career.”

Captain Christopher Osiecki says he feels honored, and is proud of his department. ““It’s quite an honor. Obviously my whole career, this is what you strive for.” said Osiecki. To be able to do that for the city of Elmira, where I’ve been working for about 15 years, is one of the highest honors that you can have.”

18 News Reporter Nick Dubina asked Interim Police Chief Kristen Thorne how he felt seeing his officers promoted to new ranks. “It feels very well, it feels very good. I’ve been in their shoes before. I know what it means to them, and I know what it means to me.” said Thorne. “To have their family there, to have other officers from the department here, and the city officials. I think it’s a great thing and I would swell with pride, I do swell with pride just watching them get promoted.”

The six promoted officers are: Captain Christopher Osiecki, Captain Scott Packard, Lieutenant Erica Lapierre, Lieutenant Christopher Zelko, Lieutenant Yuri Charlanow, and Lieutenant David Miller.