MILLERTON, Pa. (WETM) — A Bradford County man is now homeless after a fire devastated the inside of his trailer home Sunday afternoon.

Reports of the fire came in around 1:30 p.m. on April 2, at a trailer park along Hammond Creek Road in Millerton, when crews from Millerton, Big Elm, Pine City, and Webb Mills fire departments arrived to contain the fire.

Flames were coming out the windows at one point as the area above one of the windows was charred.

When speaking to the owner of the trailer, he said he’s now homeless as everything was ruined inside his trailer, and that he isn’t sure how the fire started.

The owner, who went by Bob, said he was in the bathroom before stepping outside to speak with his neighbors for a minute, when he went back inside to go and take a shower he noticed the trailer filling up with smoke. Bob said he had to crawl along the floor to get out of the trailer.

Fire crews worked to get the fire under control, and within less than an hour, the main fire was put out.

Firefighters continued to work inside to extinguish any remaining small fires that were still burning, but around 2:40 crews began packing up and putting hoses away.