HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) – The City of Hornell has responded to the arrest of three individuals accused of over 100 coutns of leaving pamphlets and stickers of hateful symbols in local churches and properties.

The City posted a statement condemning the alleged actions of Aubrey Dragonetti, Dylan Henry, and Ryan Mulhollen and praising the response of police and investigators in the case.

We are absolutely shocked and appalled by the actions and behavior of these three individuals. The City of Hornell is a very close knit, welcoming and accepting community and there is absolutely no room for this type of hate or any other here. These are three misguided individuals who have hate in their hearts. This is something that is not reflective of Hornell. We do NOT tolerate hate in our community and we commend our police department on their swift actions and arrests.

City of Hornell
L to R: Aubrey Dragonetti, Dylan Henry, Ryan Mulhollen/Photos: Steuben County Sheriff’s Office

The three were arrested after Hornell Police, the FBI and New York State Police investigated reports of the pamphlets containing images of swastikas and racial slurs being left at local churches, as well as other public and private properties. A search warrant at a home on River Street reportedly uncovered evidence “which depicted the crimes of Aggravated Harassment.”

All three were charged with 115 counts of 1st-degree Aggravated Harassment. They were taken to CAP Court for arraignment.