HORNELL, N.Y. (WETM) – Hornell officials have provided a list of tips for city residents to deal with pestering skunks in the spring and summer.

The City of Hornell announced that the Quality of Life Committee has met to discuss ongoing concerns about skunks seen throughout the city. The City said that skunks most often become more of a problem in the spring and summer months.

The City said homeowners should make sure their foundations are patched and sealed, as well as any holes, crawl spaces, garage foundations, and any other entrances in order to deter skunks. However, the reminder also said not to trap a skunk while sealing your property.

Garbage should also be sealed and kept off the ground.

Over-watered lawns make a good environment for grubs, the City said, which, in turn, can draw more skunks. Pets should be fed inside, and bird food should be sealed indoors, as well. If you do feed your pets outside, the City to do so during the day and remove any uneaten food before evening.

Anyone with questions or anyone who sees skunks or a skunk den should call Everett Wildlife Restoration at 585-519-1269, the City said.