Horseheads Cancer Patient receives gift from his nurses

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SAYRE, P.A. (WETM) – One New York man is feeling a little bit brighter today after a devastating couple of months. Back in December of last year, Rodney Dayton of Horseheads received the terrible news that he was diagnosed with cancer. Through his treatment at Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital, he lost the ability to indulge in his lifelong passion and career of playing the guitar.

“Since the mid 80s, I have played almost every weekend, somewhere,” said Rodney.

Those weekends he speaks of? They were filled with Rodney enjoying the company of the band he still is apart of, named Still Kickin’. The nurses of the Hospital’s 5 Main Unit came together to once again change this man’s life, this time for the better, through a simple act of kindness.

The nurses were Stacie Mayo LPN, Christine Zalaffi RN, and Julie Jayne RN who shared, “He mentioned the mandolin would help keep the fingers built up, to keep the muscles and the callouses on the fingers, and that’s his passion and his love and he was kind of missing out on that for the last two months being in the hospital.”

The nurses came together, purchased the mandolin, and presented it to Rodney. Rodney even played a little for us today. Reminding all of us in the room of his bands name, his playing days are Still Kickin’.

The nurses collectively continued, “We are blessed to be able to make that difference in your life. it is just the little things that make a difference. He really needed that perk.”

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