Horseheads Central School District: What voters can expect on the ballot

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Voters will head to the polls on Tuesday, May 21 to vote on Horseheads Central School District’s budget and Board of Elections. 

There will be four propositions to vote on: 

  1. Adoption of the 2019-2020 Budget: The proposed budget is $79,905,919. This is $2,889,716 more than the 2018-2019 budget. 
  2. The Purchase of school buses: A total of 10 new school buses that would cost a total of $1,400,000. According to the school district, it would be financed through a five-year bond and a substantial portion would be returned to the district in state aid. 
  3. Capital reserve fund: The school district would set up a reserve fund to offset portions of the local share for future capital projects. 
  4. The purchase of a new building: The school district wants to buy an office building on Hibbard Road in Big Flats. They say it will house several district offices while the current location of those offices is turned into student classroom space during capital construction at the High School.

Voters will also vote for members of the Board of Education. You can vote up to three names, or write in the name(s) of someone else you would like on the School Board. 

The candidates are the following: 

  1. Mary Anne Holleran 
  2. Shehla Javed 
  3. Daniel Christmas 

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