Questions, comments and concerns continue for Houghton Plot residents as they wait for answers. 

On Wednesday night, Corning Incorporated, along with the State Departments of Environmental Conservation and Health, presented remedial decisions and updated the public on clean up efforts. 

“The State is proposing a series of solutions that will provide a remediation for those affected properties that will need one,” Vice President of Corning’s Corporate Communications Dan Collins said. “And, Corning is continuing to work with the State to implement that plan for people and hopefully we can get that done as quickly as possible, but we do have to follow state guidelines. So, we are restricted in how fast we can go.”

The primary objective of the D.E.C. is to obtain access to residential properties within their ‘study areas,’ test for contamination, provide remediation if needed, and when all is cleared, issue ”no further action” letters.  

But, the speed of this process is what’s bothering community members.

“It is a long process, there is no denying it,” Bureau Director of New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Mike Cruden said. “It takes time to actually investigate these properties and develop a remedy and then actually implement the remedy.”

However, some ‘no further action’ letters are already being issued. 

“We have a number of properties, 60 some properties, that we think we can send out the ‘no further action’ letters relatively soon,” Cruden said. “We are putting together the packages and we hope to get them out within the next two months.”

The State says the community can help speed up the process through their comment period in the coming months. 

“The comment period will be 30 days after we release the feasibility study,” Cruden said. “So, it’s going to be a little longer then April 10, but, we are looking for their feedback.”

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