NELSON, Pa. (WETM) – At the same time the floods of Hurricane Agnes left cities such as Elmira and Corning devastated, small towns across the Twin Tiers suffered as well. One man from Nelson, Pa. remembers the flood waters when he was only 14.

Denny Colegrove grew up in Nelson, a township of only 11 square miles. He fondly recalled his childhood in the small community.

“It was really kind of a place where everybody got their little bitty groceries and gathered and got all the gossip,” Colegrove said.

But he also vividly remembers the destruction left behind by Agnes.

“I remember the days of rain,” said Colegrove. “I remember my next-door neighbors had a couple of ponies and we got on the ponies even in the rain and rode the back road, which was significantly washed out down pretty near to Lawrenceville,” Colegrove said.

The town was physically transformed and quite literally packed up and moved because of the damage from the flood.

Today, dozens of homes have been built above Cowanesque Lake. A dam has been put in place, as well, to mitigate future flooding.

Even though Agnes happened 50 years ago, the memories—good and bad—last a lifetime.