How the heat has impacted crops this growing season

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Last week, we had a heat wave that resulted in multiple days of temperatures reaching near or into the 90s. Today, temperatures have soared near 90. The humidity is also sticking around. It is important for people to stay healthy but what about what we eat? I am talking about our food that comes from farmers. Crops also need to stay healthy from the heat.

Dan Hurley, the owner of Bradley Farms, says they are used to some hot days, especially since they make up for cooler weather that can happen during the growing season.

“It was off to, I would say, an almost late start of trying to get planted. It was very wet and had some long cold periods through May, but here is an example of how this is evening back out. We’re seeing corn grow four to six inches a night and these pumpkins behind me have been doubling in size every day and that is how it happens. We are enjoying it right now.”

At Bradley Farms, they grow pumpkins, corn, wheat, and even do holiday festivities. For Halloween, they do haunted hayrides and for Christmas, they do a holiday light show. During the fall, they have corn mazes and pumpkins while in the spring they sell flowers. Hurley says they help keep their crops healthy from the heat by making sure they stay watered and have plenty of nutrients by using fertilizer. This fall, the corn, and pumpkins Hurley talked about will be ready for sale!

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