The New York State Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation are all hands on deck as Winter Storm Avery moves towards the Twin Tiers.

“We make sure we have enough fuel and salt on hand, and making sure our equipment is ready to go,” Brian Kelly, NYSDOT Region 6 Regional Director, said. “We have a 100% uptime target for our large plow trucks and today we are walking into this event with 100% of our 83 plow trucks ready to go for this event.”

Plow trucks are already out on highways pre-treating the roads for snow and ice. Kelly reminds drivers to be careful of their speed. They have already had an incident where a motorcyclist drove into the rear end of one of their plows on Interstate 86.

Preparations are underway in Tioga County as well.

“We make sure we have the amount of material we need on hand with salt and anti-skid,” Mark Verrico, Highway Maintenance Manager for PennDOT District 3 Tioga County, said.  “We make sure all our trucks are up and running and that we have enough trucks to cover all the routes.

Tioga County has 70 operators in Tioga County and 31 trucks, according to Verrico. “We have spare trucks in case trucks go down and we have dual shifts so that we can work 24/7 shifts.”

During a heavy snowstorm, there are priority routes, including Route 15, Route 6, and Route 49. “We service the priority routes and then hit the secondary routes after.”