ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Vehicle break-ins have been on the rise in several areas in Chemung County. While the event is unfortunate, there are several ways you can lower the chances your car is chosen as a thief’s next target.

Firstly, always remember to lock your doors. Even if you are only stepping out of your car for a minimal amount of time, you should always make sure your vehicle doors are locked. It is less likely that a criminal will take the time to find a way to unlock your door compared to just moving on to the next car in sight.

Another thing to remember is to roll your windows up. While the summer heat can feel unbearable at times, if your window is rolled down, it makes it much easier for individuals to find a way to unlock your car door. Whenever you park your car, make sure your windows are rolled up leaving no access entry for anyone to reach inside.

If you are in the circumstance where you have valuables in your car such as your purse, phone, house keys, etc., try to hide them using compartments in your vehicle. For smaller items that may not fit in your glove box, you can try to hide them underneath the seats or by putting them in your trunk.

Bill Schrom, Chemung County Sheriff Officer, says just a little bit of precaution can save the valuable items in your car.

“Keep your windows up, keep your doors locked and keep the valuables out of sight,” Schrom said. “It’s going to save you a lot of headaches and problems down the road.”