ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Depression is always looming, but Valentine’s Day can really bring out the blues in many singles.

It may be hard to find the one but don’t let that get you down. We’ve got some advice from Arnot Health that should help keep spirits high, recognizing that it’s okay to not feel okay.

Engaging in old activities or even hobbies are great ways to keep yourself busy. “It’s Important to watch your alcohol consumption, try to eat as healthy as you can, find ways to be with other people,” says Sharon Cosegrove, Arnot Health Social Worker.

Being mindful of social media and what you’re engaging with during those times of low can be very helpful. Love isn’t just about romance. Family, friends some well needed self-care can all make a difference on your outlook and approach on life.

“We limit ourselves by thinking that we have to handle this on our own, as opposed to reaching out to friends, reaching out to your support groups, your family, you know, if you’re involved in a church or social organization reaching out to those because those are all important ways to feel connected,” Sharon continued.

Arnot Health encourages everyone to spread love.