How to Prevent One Thoughtless Social Media Post from Forfeiting Your Child’s Future

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When it comes to posting on social media, your decisions could make or break your future. A local school district is encouraging students to pause before they post.

“I think social media is a great tool, and it’s something we just have to use the right way,” Fairport Highschool Basketball Coach Scott Fitch said.

Fitch is the basketball coach at Fairport High School, has been tied to USA basketball, and encourages young adults to ‘Pause Before You Post.’ He spoke to students at Bath Central School District Tuesday on internet safety and cyberbullying.

His passion speaking about this topic began five years ago when he helped two students get recruited to the same college.

The coach called him to let him know that they weren’t moving forward with the recruiting process with one of the athletes.

The reason? The athlete had inappropriate content on his twitter account.

“We certainly want to have them thinking about ‘What’s my footprint out there?'” Dean of Students and Co-Advisor to Student Council Stephanie Gerych said. “‘What am I leaving? Who might see this? Why might I not like something I posted 10 years from now?’ When we’re 16-years-old we don’t think about that, but when we’re in our 20’s and 30’s, that might have a different impact.”

He urges parents to open a dialogue between their children and offers tips on how to encourage students to report cyberbullying. The sheriff’s department is also there if your child is a victim and you’re not sure how to utilize law enforcement.

Fitch has spoken to over 100,000 students from more than 100 high schools, and he hopes that this will have a positive impact on the community.

“Think first before you act,” Fitch said. “Don’t do something through your emotions, and I’m hoping that it has a lingering impact and where the kids will think twice before they do something, and if that happens, then you know what, today was a great day.”

The Bath Central School District hosted a presentation by Fitch on Tuesday evening which welcomed parents from all areas. If you missed it, you can contact the school district for the next time he makes an appearance. 

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