MONTOUR FALLS, N.Y. (WETM) – The Humane Society of Schuyler County has been the victim of serious allegations from a western New York animal Advocacy group regarding a 10-month-old puppy in their care named Duke.

Duke, who has a small history of behavioral issues, including two separate bite incidents, is currently at the Human Society of Schuyler County, located in Montour Falls, and is alive despite allegations that they were planning on euthanizing the pup. He is currently being held for 10 days, which is required by state law for any dog that does not have a rabies certificate, Duke also has whipworm for which he is being treated. Since he has whipworm he cannot be around other dogs as it is contagious.

Against All Oddz Animal Alliance, located in Buffalo, posted on Facebook accusing Georgie Taylor of the Humane Society of “failing” this dog and “most likely killing” this dog. Accusations are also being thrown at Renee Hatch, who is an Animal Control officer for the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office. You can read their Facebook post below.

18 News reached out to Matthew Albert, co-director of Against All Oddz Animal Alliance for comment and he discussed the situation laid out in the Facebook post.

“Our niche as a rescue is to rehabilitate dogs that have behavioral issues, including bite histories, so I tried to contact Renee Hatch and explain to her that we are now the owners of the dog as Alexa had signed the dog over to us and that we wanted the dog to be released to us,” Said Matt Albert.

Duke had been seized by Schuyler County Animal Control and brought to the Humane Society of Schuyler County for his 10-day rabies observation period. This is the point where Against All Oddz alleges that Renee Hatch threatened to press charges on Alexa Magill if she did not make an appointment to have Duke euthanized.

18 News reached out to Alexa Magill who discussed her side of the story. She said that Duke was being aggressive toward another one of her animals in the form of “food aggression” and that is when she decided she needed to re-home Duke. She found another owner and that owner took possession of Duke. However, several hours after taking possession of Duke, the second alleged incident happened where the dog was seized by Animal Control. During this seizure, Magill tells 18 News that she signed Duke over to Against All Oddz. It is also during this seizure that Magill says Animal Control implored her make an appointment for Duke to be euthanized.

Duke was not in the care of Alexa Magill at the time of seizure by Schuyler County Animal Control.

18 News also reached out to Georgie Taylor, director of the Humane Society of Schuyler County for comment on this matter and she said that Duke was released into the custody of the Humane Society during his 10 day observation period.

“Duke was seized by animal control under public health regulations and brought to the Humane Society for the 10-day quarantine so he could be observed because he did not have a rabies certificate,” Said Taylor. This is the point where she says that Duke was released into the Humane Society’s custody.

“Duke was surrendered to us by the most recent harborer. During the course of this 10 Day hold, which then means that Duke is under the custody of the Humane Society. Never did we have any intention of putting Duke to sleep under our care,” Said Taylor.

It is believed that Duke has had several owners during his short life thus far and the bite incidents are serious but nothing that cannot be treated as he is still a young puppy. The first incident happened when Duke was involved in an altercation with another dog and the intervening person was bitten. The other incident is believed to be similar, where Duke bit the person intervening. The second incident is where the Schuyler County Animal Control was called and Duke was seized.

Georgie Taylor told 18 News that there were never any plans to euthanize Duke while in their care.

Renee Hatch was unable to comment at this time.