ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – With the frigid cold temperatures settling into the region, some of you might be thinking of going out on a frozen lake or body of water since it is prime season for ice fishing, but use caution. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is recommending people only head out onto the ice if it is thick enough ice to ensure you’re safe which is roughly four inches. But do odd warm days such as Wednesday with temperatures into the 40’s play a factor?

“Once you get to the four inches of ice thickness it takes quite a bit to degrade that. The snow on the ice actually can effect that. Like we just got a fair amount of snow. Even if you were out there last week and there was 4 inches, you might want to check again because the snow will cause the top to, it sort of insulates it and causes the top part of the ice to melt a little bit,” said Biologist Peter Austerman.

The Department says four inches of ice is enough to go ice fishing. Anything less than two inches, it’s the safest to stay off.