BLACKWELL, Pa. (WETM) — A couple and their dog had to be rescued from an icy hillside after being stuck for hours.

According to FIRST News Now, who gathered information from Morris Fire Chief Dean Kreger, the couple, male a female, and their dog, were out hiking along the West Rim Trail out near the town of Blackwell in Tioga County.

The couple became concerned about the icy conditions and tried to cut down the trail and cross over a bridge that leads into Blackwell. The couple realized the ice prevented them from going back the way they came, leaving them stuck on the hillside.

A nearby camper heard their calls for help and could see the couple in distress, which lead to a 911 call being made around 4:30 p.m.

First responders from the Morris Fire Department arrived at the intersection of Blackwell Square and Route 414 where a staging area was later set up to create a plan to rescue the couple. Additional manpower was needed, resulting in the response from Liberty and Wellsboro along with EMS.

The use of a drone was needed in order to locate the couple as the sun was going down, but because of the drone, the operation was able to run smoothly as first responders were able to locate the couple after hiking up the hillside.

Rescue crews were able to tie ropes to trees in order to lower themselves down to where the couple had been stuck, and one at a time, each person was harnessed and made their way back up the hillside, including the dog.

Chief Kreger made note that this was a long but very successful rescue, with the rescue being completed by 9:00 p.m.

“This was a team effort and everyone did a great job together with this rescue,” Chief Kreger told FIRST News Now.

EMS checked the couple for injuries, and to warm up from the cold, and were released and transported back to where their vehicle was at the start of the hike.

A total of six hours went into the rescue which was completed by the three departments, with the last department leaving the scene around 10:30 p.m.

FIRST News Now assisted in the creation of this article.