FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — A line of yellow tape nestled deep among brown thick foliage near Franklin outlines the area where human skeletal remains were discovered earlier this week.

Monica Button lives in New York but is glued to Nashville news as Franklin was the last place her 18-year-old son Nieko Lisi was seen alive in 2011. In October of that year, Lisi left Jasper, NY with someone and headed to Detroit. After dropping off the other person, Lisi headed for Franklin, Tenn.

His mother reported the family last had contact with her son on Oct. 1, 2011, but Lisi has still not been found, and the case still has not been solved.

“I usually reach out to law enforcement when I see something,” Button said. “Law enforcement is really good at getting back to me and saying, you know, this person has been [identified].”

A hunter tracking a deer on this property discovered bones Saturday.

“This time,” she explained, “I was notified by them. I think that’s probably because it’s so close to Franklin.”

More remains were located Monday and a Williamson County Sheriff’s Office investigator said it appears they had been exposed to the weather for some time.

“Every discovery is something that does something to a mom in my position,” Button said. “I’ll be honest, this time, I’m hoping that it turns out to be my son.”

Dr. Tiffany Saul is part of the College of Liberal Arts’ Forensic Institute for Research and Education at MTSU. She was called to the scene to assist. Tests are currently underway to identify the remains.

“Even though it’s been 11 years, and these people may think they’ve gotten away with something, law enforcement is all over it,” Button said with confidence.

“My son, Nieko has not been forgotten by law enforcement in Tennessee, and I’m grateful for that,” she continued.