Impacts of Creepy Clown Phenomenon

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You’ve seen them on social media, you’ve seen them on the news, hopefully you haven’t seen them on a street near you…

“They think they’re being funny but I don’t think it’s coming across that way,” Owner of Party Time RC Ike said.

Over the past few months we’ve seen nationwide incidents of people dressing as clowns, lingering around and scaring people. Some, even threatening and assaulting passerby’s. The trend now being called a creepy clown phenomenon.

“Over the last few years we’ve seen more and more types of costume variations, of clown costumes, masks, wigs, all the different things. We expected it to become part of that scary Halloween, but we didn’t expect it to become now people standing in cornfields in June and July and August in a clown outfit, they took it a little different path than we were expecting,” Ike said.

These clown sightings have people across the country on edge.

“The clown has really evolved. What used to be just your Ronald McDonald, your simple bozo the clown but it’s really involved into scary,” Ike said.

Ike says these creepy clowns are giving the good guys, a bad rap.

“Maybe your 10 to 13-year-olds who might still want a clown at their birthday party, but because they’re aware of the news and they’re on Facebook, or some of these other things now they’re like I don’t want to have a clown at my party. Even McDonald’s has actually pulled Ronald McDonald from public appearance until this all kind of settles down,” Ike said.

Some major retailers even pulling clown costumes from their shelves. Ike says, he’s not going that far, but he does give customers a little warning.

“I always caution them, don’t stand in somebody’s front yard, don’t be silly, use your head, and don’t do anything that can get you hurt or arrested,” Ike said.

We spoke with Attorney Jim Reed last week during our ‘Law Talk’ segment who said possible charges for acting as a creepy clown could include trespassing, loitering, disorderly conduct, and menacing. 

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