SOUTHPORT, N.Y. (WETM) – If you’ve got green thumbs or are looking to start gardening, it might be a bit too early. But the time can vary based on where you live and what you would like to grow.

“You can start doing some seeds and things. It won’t be long until you can get some of your kale and some of your other things out,” said Charlie Todd, owner of Chamberlain Acres Garden Center. “But as far as tomatoes and things like that, if you’re gonna grow your own, in that time period usually, you start them six weeks prior to the last frost so we’re still several weeks out.”

The spring season is officially from March 20 to June 21, 2023. This is typically the best time to start planting seeds. The florist is well stocked, and plants have the best chance to grow before the hottest days. Plants like the hellebore, peonies, echinacea, hydrangea, clematis, and hosta are perennial plants, and they can live up to two years.

Annual plants typically die after one year and are seasonal in nature. These include sunflower, petunia, cosmos, marigold, and zinnia.

If you plan on starting a garden soon expert florist Charlie Todd suggests waiting until early April for the best results.

“It’s still too early for you to get out and do things, but there are plants out there that were starting to uncover and can be planted around this time of the year,” Todd said. “And that thrives with the cool weather like the Helleborus it doesn’t die back fully. It was out all winter long covered to help protect it.”