It is possible for animals to spread COVID by their fur

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As hard as it is to resist, you just might want to think twice before you go petting the dog that comes up to you! By now we all know that the coronavirus can live on surfaces for a period of time but is the same true about fur? While it does not transmit the virus as efficient as other surfaces , it is not something to ignore.

“You have an agent, you have a reservoir where it lives, you have a portal of exit where you are excreting it. Whether it be through respiratory droplets, blood, or other bodily fluids. Mode of transportation. It is transmitted by our hands. Direct or indirect contact of that organism and transmitting it to a portal of entry to a new host,” said Tina Brackman the Program Manager of Infection Control at Guthrie.

Tina says this chain of infection above exists for all living organisms so infection by fur can be possible. Unfortunately for all of us dog lovers we may have to refrain from petting the dogs we pass for a bit.

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