ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Today is National Voter Registration Day, and for voters across the nation, it’s time to start preparing for election season.

The first step will be getting registered. Registering to vote can be done online or at several public buildings in your community. You can reach out to your county’s Board of Elections to find out how to get registered.

Local and state elections are just as important as congressional and presidential elections, as the people and bills that you’re voting for most closely represent and impact your community. The last day to register in New York State is Oct. 28, and the last day to register in Pennsylvania is Oct. 23.

Registering is just a part of the work. Knowing who and what’s on the ballot will be important when it’s time to vote, and showing up is most important. Low voter turnout is an issue not only across the Twin Tiers but among many communities across the nation.

For more information on voter registration, along with the various ways to submit your ballot, you can go to the New York State and Pennsylvania Board of Elections’ websites.