ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – March 7th was the checkout hunger campaign shopping spree contest in connection with Jubilee Foods. The money raised from that shopping spree is matched and donated to the Foodbank of the Southern Tier and it has been an annual campaign for twenty years.

“Our customers are wonderful. Our cashiers have always done a great job for us and again, over the times that we’ve done it this year, our cashiers raised $9,738.11, and over the 20 years we’ve raised $209,919.77, so yeah, over $200,000 in 20 years, very impressed with the community and what our cashiers have done over the years,” said Dave Marks, Jubilee Foods owner.

The support that the Foodbank of the Southern Tier has received from this campaign is something they will always be grateful for.

“I mean, when you look at the impact that Jubilee Foods has done over 20 years just on behalf of the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, the reach and the connection that they’re making to support the community. It’s heartwarming, you know, really, and this is just the food bank, I can only imagine how else they’re supporting the community through other campaigns and it’s just incredible to think that after 20 years, they’re still doing it, still supporting the community still asking every customer if they’ll donate to the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. It’s incredible. and we’re so grateful for that partnership and so grateful for that support because truly, just $1 can provide three meals. So, if you talk about impact, That’s a lot.” Katherine Strawser said.