(WETM) – This week in Jump Start to Living Well owner of New York Sport and Fitness Heather Maio is back for another round of fact vs fiction. She starts off by saying the first myth is training “fasted”. This means that you must workout without any food in your body at all. Grant found this to be great news as it is impossible for him to not have food in his stomach. Heather says how there is much research out there seeing if training fasted is effective or not and she says if you look hard enough you can find supporting arguments for both sides so what it comes down to is personal preference. Heather says she likes to train without something in her stomach but Grant says he has to eat at all times so he has no choice. Next, Grant tells Heather he get discouraged sometimes as he sees many people with perfect bodies but most of them are not nearly as tall as Grant. He asks if height plays a role in how you look when you workout. Heather says if you are shorter than the five pounds of fat or muscle you put on will be much more noticeable over someone that is taller as it is spread out over a larger area so to embrace how you were made.