PAINTED POST, N.Y. (WETM) — The Kentucky Fried Chicken known as ‘The Crystal Bucket’ in Painted Post is set to open on Tuesday, May 3, but before that happens, the people who worked behind the scenes to transform the old bank into a KFC had a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It was a day to celebrate months of construction and planning in order to turn an old Chemung County Savings Bank, into a functioning KFC restaurant, and the wait was worth it.

Executives and team members from KBP Brands, the people responsible for the project, town executives, Mayor Ralph Foster, and more were in attendance for cocktails, a celebratory cake, food, and a good time.

In order for a KFC to be put into the old bank building, it had to be stripped completely from the inside and then reworked to make it a functioning restaurant. The back, low ceiling, area worked great as a space to put the kitchen and drive-thru window, while the large atrium will be used as the customer dining space.

That atrium, surrounded by glass, is the most defining part of the building, and is what gives the building the name ‘The Crystal Bucket’. The reason behind the name has some unique and local ties starting with Corning.

With Corning being the Crystal City, the people at KBP Brands had thought it was a good way to connect the building with the area. and not have it just be like every other KFC out there. The plan was always to turn the building into a restaurant ever since it was bought.

Unique features from the bank were kept and incorporated into the new building. For example, the handle from the bank vault is now on one of the doors inside the restaurant that has been made to look like a vault door, and inside contains the ‘original 11 herbs and spices’ that are used when making KFC’s chicken. Of course, it’s just for fun, but things like that add to the uniqueness of the building.

A ceremony was held inside and was full of congratulatory speeches on a job well done for another successful project. The ribbon-cutting was held outside the building to mark the job’s completion.

The restaurant is set to open on May 3, at 10:30 a.m., and the first 50 customers will receive a “Free Chicken for a year” gift card, valid for 52 meals.