Lawmaker aims to lower blood alcohol limit

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A bill to lower the legal blood alcohol content from .08 to .05 is circulating the New York State Assembly.

The National Transportation Safety Board is urging all states to abide by this standard in order to lower crashes, injuries and fatalities. But not everyone is supporting the move.

“Just to lower this? How is this going to help? What kind of solution is this?” said Anna Russo.

Russo lost her daughter to a drunk driver, but she says lowering the limit doesn’t work.

“If he wants to lower it, then double up the size of the officers and talk to the judges and see if the judges are serious enough to actually put these people away, but this is not going to happen,” Russo said.

“If it’s going to make the general population a bit of a safer place, it is a good move,” said Bombers General Manager Paul Tracy.

But t’s a move Tracy says could hurt sales.

“If you’re going to hit a breathalyzer at .08, you’d be like, uh, I shouldn’t drive. You know you’d be cognitive of that, but .05 isn’t much,” he added.

This isn’t the first time the bill’s been introduced, and other states are entertaining the idea with Utah becoming the first state to lower its alcohol limit to .05.

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