CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Union Chill Cannabis is looking to move into the old Corning Leader building in Corning. They have gone through the complete process to become legal and are now just waiting on local approval.

The company went through a complete state mandate and got its legal certification within a few months. They already have their current building based in Lambertville, NJ, but are looking to expand. Managing Partner Josh Canfield, a local man from Hornell, thought that moving to Corning would be a good option.

The company made sure to check on the location of the building beforehand, how far it was from schools or churches, etc. They want to be invested in helping the community grow as well as their company.

“Union Chill as a whole, we’re looking to be the premier craft cannabis dispensary in New York State. We want to be the ones that work with your local farmers. We want to work with the community because that’s what that’s who we are. We’re a local community-driven company,” said Canfield.

He also spoke on how the place will be completely 21+, and how you won’t need a medical card. Nobody under the age of 21 will be able to enter the facility, and they won’t be able to see in.

Canfield also spoke on how the legal aspect was a better move in his opinion, than taking a gray market or black market approach; it was like removing a weight off his shoulders.

“In terms of wanting the go from the gray market, or the black market to the legal side of it just comes to that comfort level of hey, I don’t have to look over my shoulder anymore,” said Canfield. “This has been an industry I’ve been in since I was an early teen and you always had to look over your shoulder and say hey am I doing the right thing.”

According to Canfield, the City of Corning is planning to have a board meeting this month, and the shop will be one of the topics. He is hoping it is going to pass and get its approval so he can get the move-in process underway to open as soon as possible.

For more on the company and what they are about, you can check them out on their website if you are 21 years of age or older.