Lightning Safety Awareness Week Tips

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ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM)- It is almost the end of lightning safety awareness week. The week was created in hopes of keeping people informed and safe when lightning strikes.

The awareness week is observed from June 20th to 26th nationwide. Here are some tips to keep you safe if lightning strikes.

• Go inside to the nearest enclosed space if you hear thunder or see lightning.

• If there is no enclosed building nearby, a car is another safe option.

•Never take shelter under a tree; lightning strikes the tallest object around. Even if not directly under the tree, the lightning can travel down the tree and strike you if you are nearby.

• If inside stay away from windows and avoid touching metal since the electricity can be conducted through it.

18 News also spoke with a National Weather Service Forecaster from Binghamton on some more tips to stay safe. Meteorologist, Ben Lott, said “Some people if outside seek shelter in a dugout or a pavilion, but that is not a safe option since it isn’t enclosed. Avoid hanging out on your porch. I know people want to go outside and watch storms, but being outside is not a good idea. Also, bring your pets inside, don’t leave them tied up outside.”

His biggest of advice. Lott said, “If you can see lightning or hear thunder you’re definitely still close enough to get struck by lightning.” As always, when thunder roars get indoors because lightning is not far behind.

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