ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Light’s Bakery located on West 2nd street in Elmira has a new owner, Gaetano Ruggiero. He is embracing the tradition of the bakery as well as looking forward to making some changes.

“I just want to continue to do what Light’s Bakery does… we’re thinking about some new dinner items, we close at 3:00 p.m. and we still have some dinner hours left… a little expansion, a little remolding in the future, not right away” Ruggiero said.

Ruggiero feels the process of attaining the bakery has been smooth, and he feels accepted by the community and the regular customers. He has also been stunned by how popular the local bakery is.

“I didn’t know how popular Light’s was until I got into it…I know the family and their sticking around to make the exchange good, which I appreciate and I’m from Elmira, so I know most of the customers and we’ve been having an influx of business these past few weeks.”

Filled with ambition and drive the new owner hopes he can bring something different to the table and is excited to continue on this journey.

“The crew and everyone is so excited and I’m excited for them and for me.” Ruggiero said.